The anxiety of getting started putting it out there, I suppose there is value in coping with that already

I didn't want to procrastinate after I watched the video earlier. I just kind of typed up what was on my mind after the video on my phone and emailed it to myself. It's some main goals and some general steps to them. Some are already in motion and some will need to be added, a work in progress

Restore health to 1994
- quit smoking
- be able to run 1 mile
- be able to run 3 miles
- complete one of Stephanie beach body programs
- overhaul my diet

Turn my bbq smoker into a money raiser 
- finish grinding out rust
- have wood cage welded on
- add propane burner on back side for cooking sides
- get trailer plate
- put together plan for phase II

Provide the optimal summer for Chagos basketball development
- as much spartan as possible
- rondo camp
- bellarmine camp
- UTSA father/son camp
- select team league apr - June
- select training all summer
- better home workout schedule

Start to get my select program rolling
- put together welcome package
- find assistant
- reach out to prospects
- training camp Thursday - Friday spring break
- secure alt location in case of weather
- put together camp plan
- set practice schedule
- get everyone registered

Finish CCNA by May


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