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The amazing pet care blog migration

Starting with a blogger blog, because that's all I knew and it's what I used for a personal blog.

I have a company website, with a hosting company using one of their templates. Don't love it, but thought it was easier than learning how to do it myself. Started blogging about pet care about 4 months ago, and there was no way to make the blogger blog look nice on the template, except in a frame (which looks crappy). Since I don't love the hosting company, thought I might as well learn how to build something from the ground up.

I realized that I can learn how to build a Wordpress site, first for the blog, and then add in the rest of the web site over time. It will look nice and I will understand how to edit it, and the blog will keep the site growing.

The Blog:

The Site:

I've backed up my blog and am now contemplating a URL. (but .com is one of those ad generator sites)

Once I decide, I'll move on with the lessons.

Okay, going with Will purchase tomorrow and move on with the lessons.

Well, spoke to the team at the office, and asked some writing colleagues. Concern that the word 'amazing' could be considered cliche.

The blogger blog is now hooked up to my new URL:

Some Technical Difficulties

Okay. So, when I added WordPress to my godaddy hosting account, it nuked the blogger blog and posted a 'watch for something cool' notice on the page. I tried to contact Sara via her web site and twitter, and no reply yet.

I'm going to make notes on what I did to work around this part of the lessons, in case anyone else has the same problems.

What I've done is remove the blogger redirect for now, so the blog is still live at the original URL.

I also did not know what was meant by 'temporary URL' for WordPress, but since I've removed the redirect, I think it's fine that WordPress is on my new URL for now.

I plan to build the WordPress template at the new URL, and then set up to do all the transition stuff in one day.

I'll watch all the videos over the next week and make notes. I have a few days off coming up week after next. I'll be prepared to transition, so that once I redirect the blogger blog, the new template picks it up right away. (I hope).

Themes and Genesis

Okay - talking about customization, themes, etc.

If I get this correctly, Genesis sits on top of the WordPress framework and makes it look nice. If I buy the Genesis package, then any customizations I make will be protected through WordPress upgrades in the future?

The theme is the stuff I actually see when I go to a web site? So this is all I really knew about websites 2 weeks ago -- red, blue, green, etc.

I'm looking at this:

Examples of sites using this package:

I like the look of the site, and I'm not sure what else to consider before investing. Help?

Okay -- got the executive theme, and will work on building a site with other pages behind the blog.

The blogger pages are copied and seem to have moved into wordpress fine.

My only problem -- I did not have a temporary URL to build the wordpress site, so I used the 'real' url:

Now, the blogger blog is not redirected, because every time I try to redirect it, it overwrites WordPress.

Help! Anyone know how to redirect the blogger site without overwriting WordPress on my domain?

Okay - found a redirect plugin that works for most of the posts! The ones that had titles changed aren't redirecting, but there is an error messag and it goes to the first page of the new blog, so I can live with that.

The old blog was only live for about 4 months, and I had no followers (yet), so I'm content.

Looking forward to the next phase, which will be to customize the theme and start to build a new website for my business.

Okay -- working in wordpress now:


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