The Zs

I am loving the fun of trying to complete this project but there have been a few little hitches.

My first challenge in creating Ink Blot Monsters was making the ink blots. It looks easy but, for those of us with hands that are not completely functional, putting sufficient pressure on the trigger of the compressed air is a bit of a challenge. I had to brace the paper and use both hands on the can but I did get a few nice ones.

Also, Mr. Bucher said, "Use common paper." I grabed a stack of the used-on-one-side paper I keep for projects that won't have a formal viewing.  My overloaded brain forgot that the paper I printed that draft of that novel on was recycled and not of the highest quality. The ink bled like crazy.

However, this effect has a nice aura so the problem may be turned into an asset.

My next hurdle to be overcome is the fact that my drawing talent is at about the level of upper elementary kids. I can build design - and do - with the aid of the computer or yarn and canvass or blocks of material or a number of other ways that do not require that I put what I see in my mind turn out the same as what I see when I put pen or pencil to paper. I also do not have the proper utensils. BUT - they are on order. 

Zenobia, my cover monster, was my first attempt. She just looked like a Zenobia to me and gave me the thought of making a set of Z monsters. They aren't necessarily related but all their names will begin with the letter "Z."

The second was kind of a flop. I saw a cane and feeble legs in the ink so he's a fading monster. Here's Uncle Zeke.

LOL!!! And now my lack of tech skills is showing. Uncle Zeke keeps coming over lying on his back, as he is formatted portrait rather than landscape. I will work on my tech and try to post him later.


 Hooray! I worked it out but notice everything I post will need to be formatted for landscape rather than portrait. 

More to come. 

My life runneth over. What I have to show up to do is write and I'm looking at a February deadline so the monsters have been a "taking a breathing moment" activity. It also doesn't help that I'm a dreadful artist but here are some of the monsters I've managed to create. They are truly recreational for me.

My monster group, The Zs, all have name that begin with that letter and they all have a little bug somewhere around them.

This is Zack, formatted as I drew him - vertically.

I think he's my favorite.


This is Zastra. He went through five or six incarnations before his final spirit emerged. He does NOT sing in the rain.  : ) 


Zebulon never quite appeared the way my mind saw him. His beard angled differently than I could make it. It still looks more like barf than a beard to me. SIgh.

I still have three rough drafts I'm going to complete before I get back to the book. I hope to post them soon because after this week it's all work and no play.

Here are the drafts. Finished products will appear ASAP.




I keep thinking a Zsa Zsa will appear but so far no blot has bent that way for me.

This has been great fun and I will revisit the ink blots. In fact, I'm recommending the concept to a friend who teaches elementary gifted and talented classes.

Hope to post final drawings of the draft before immersing myself back into work.

Last Post for a While

Wrapping up the monsters until the manuscript is with publisher so am posting final (for now) monsters and last thoughts.

This is Zephaniah, whom I affectionately call "Zef." Someday he may turn into a full color creature.

My last monster in this Z group is Zephyr - and family. 

I defintely need to thank Stefan Bucher and Skillshare for this delightful experinece. It's been the kind of relaxation I needed from some recent major pressures. The most negative thing about it has been my own shaky hands, which never allowed me to make an eye that I really liked and made all of my lines slightly frayed.

At a later time I plan to take the comic book class and will likely use a monster as my protagonist.

Thanks to all who made this possible for me in my own time and my own place. 


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