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The Yum Box

Hello everyone! I'm designing a logo for a cooking app that we'll be launching soon.

While brainstorming concepts, I was inspired by Tiago Forte's project, where he wrote out exactly what the goals of his logo are. I realized this would be good to have to help with decision-making later on, so let's do it:

1. Values of the business (product):

  • Respect the user
  • Cultivate joy
  • Have a point of view
  • Be fearless
  • Progress, not perfection
  • We're all in this together

2. What the logo should convey:

  • Many different elements coming together, converging and combining in new ways (like ingredients in a dish, or people at a potluck)
  • A celebration of imperfection, spontaneity, and happy accidents (because that's how cooking is a lot of the time)
  • Liveliness and energy!
  • The value of design
  • And it shouldn't look too similar to other food app logos. :)


I created a mood board of some type-driven logos/illustrations that I liked:

The full moodboard can be seen here:

A lot of these are hand-drawn. There's definitely something that attracts me to handwritten or hand-sculpted letterforms. Perhaps it's because handmade letters are like cooking in that they reflect the touch of the maker. That seems appropriate for a cooking app, but I'm also open to other possibilities.

Next up, sketching!


I sketched for an hour straight! The words Yum and Box are definitely starting to look weird to me. Here's what I've got:





What do you think? Any that pop out to you? I'm starting to get crazy eyes from writing the words over and over. :)

Digitized Sketches

After 2 days of pinging people online and IRL for feedback, and agonizing over anchor points in Illustrator, I shortlisted my sketches and created the following digital mockups:

Note that I'm keeping everything black and white for now, because I'd like to work on the color palette separately.

What jumps out at you? What's successful/what's not? And, what does each style say to you, mood/feeling-wise?

Adding Color

I'm really leaning towards concept 4. There is something visually pleasing to me about the way the shapes overlap and meld together. So I worked in some colors:

I want to colors to feel saturated, modern, and playful. WIll keep working on this some more...


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