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The XX general poster

5- Playing with wolves, trying to figure out what is the best shape.

4- Rough Sketch

I rather sketch in illustrator then by hand because of my poor drawing skills, but i choose the style of the awesome Ty Wilkins fox, i will add detail on illustrator to freely try other shapes.

3- Inspirations: 


I am doing this class to learn more about how to use textures to bring basic illustrations to live, my aim is to try something like this:


For style i choose a mixture from DKNG Alpine Valley and Ty Wilkins Fox

2- The idea is to mirror the strong but mestirious music into an animal, i choose the wolf because it's an animal with both carecteristics.

1- I decided to make a general poster for the The XX, not for a specific gigg, just how the music makes me feel, like walking in the snow.


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