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The XX - Coexist

After so long, here it is my first vector. I changed the project a bit. I have an abandoned building scene that will have the water lights ans textures on top.


Basically what I tried to sketch is a sobreposition of an urban image with some water lights (maybe a bit of water texture) and then on top we would have the fully transparent X with the rest in maybe a slightly transparent grey.

The sketch does not look as good as I hoped but I think the final result will be cool. :)


I decided to do a cover for The XX. The album is called Coesxist. They are one of my favourite bands and I love their style and the simplicity of their covers:


Their sound is electronic and urban but at the same time is delicate. Their lyrics focus on feelings, love, light, shadow, dreams snd visions. They have a very unusual sound that I find relaxing and that makes me think about love, light and daydreaming.

What I thought of doing was break their simple style maintaining the blacks, whites and greys and play around with the rainbow lights we see in the second cover. I also would like to create something that has a urban feel to it but maybe mix it with a water texture.

These were the images i thought would help me create this although I would use grayscale maybe a light blue (almost grey):

Need to work on some sketches.

Really excited to do this! :)

Hope you guys like it.


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