The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack"

The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - student project

Product Name: The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack"

Description: A gear bag specially made for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Target Retail Price: $50-$150

Main Selling Points: Feature rich, functionality, made for specific sport, durabilty using materials which are environmentally safe.

Target Customers: All Jiu Jitsu practioners, great as a gift for a new life long Jiu Jitsu student.

Resale Outlets: My unique website, BJJ schools, tournaments and expos.

Competitors: Gracia Academy and Jaco sports.

Why my product stands out from the competition: Wet gear compartment, Hydration Location, Flop Spot, Wet Gi Tie Up, Mouth Piece Pocket, Zipper Free closure.


The Flop Spot


Updated picture of the water bottle holder with out the lid to the mouthpiece pocket.

The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - image 1 - student project

Notice the Lumbar support.

The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - image 2 - student project

I practice Brazilian Jiu JItsu and could not find a bag that fits both the size and functionality that is needed for every day use. So I decided to create one myself and make it so that it fits and makes sense as a Jiu Jitsu practicioner. One of my main goals was to have something ready on the first day of this class so I  purchased a little old sewing machine for $25 which the folks over at my local sewing machine shop said I over paid for it by about $23. With that being said I begain to part ways with all of my old clothing that did not fit me anymore so all of the XL and L Tee Shirts where test material as far I was concerned.  She is a hot mess it'my hot mess.

Where do I plan to manufacture my product?

  • My honest answer would be The United Sates of America, my realistic answer is really where I can get the best product for the money without sacrificing quality.

What are 3 qualities of your ideal factory? I.e. knowledge of recycled fabrics, english-speaking, will allow me to visit as needed. 

  1. English speakng is a number one for me.
  2. Based in the United States
  3. Recycled Fabrics (Hemp, Recycled plastics, recycled rubber as well.
  4. A factory with that doesn't pollute the enviornment.

The ridges are padding to provide support to the lumbar area of the spine. It will look better once the other sections get put on. I'm constantly changing designs and adding new things to it.

The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - image 3 - student project

The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - image 4 - student project

That was the first bag, 

The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - image 5 - student project

The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - image 6 - student project

Who knew a simple pocket would be so complicated. One down, one to go. After the pocket was made, I came to the decision that it wasn't the type of pocket I originally designed. Taking whats on paper and turning it into an actual tangible product are two totally different worlds.  Big Respect to all the seemstreeses.

I'm hoping that  filling in the spec sheet will pay off in the end. I have faith in you Liz. thamk you.The "XR1 Jiu Jitsu Pack" - image 7 - student project

Raymond Rivera

Product Developer, Creator and Entrepreneur