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The Wynter clan

You know how some people have awsome family backgroud? Well that's not the same with me. In fact I always though that the name Wynter was inherite by my fore parents from some plantation owner. Any information about how we came by the name was futile so I setteled with the histoy I know, my immediate family.

So I know I wanted the crest to be centered aroud my parents and my siblings, and this is what my artboard looks like, some pretty random shit ugh?


This is how each element is represented:
CHAIN LINK - Bond, unity,
BLUE MAHOE (TREE) - Strength, beauty and patriotism,
STAR: Siblings,
FOOTPRNT: Hardship, struggles,

My mother work all her life as a maid and my father cut sugar cane and we had it damn hard. But thanks to our parents all the childred turned out better than our parents did, and make them proud.

Now this is how my crest turned out, kind of surprise how those random elements became this.


And more magic after I add the colors. I add the flags to give the base a little more body, then thought how they seem lacking and so I add the words love and unite. The offset banner style was deliberate because I did not want the crest to look too balance.


So in memory of my late father and in celibration of my mother and my brothers and my sister. Now let me have it, tell me how you hate it. 


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