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The Worlds Biggest Film Tour

Genre : Factual Entertainment 

Presenter : Warwick Davis 

Episodes : 8

Episode Length : One Hour 

Target Audience : Suitable for all 

Potential Sponsorship : Extremely High


The World’s BIGGEST Film Tour.

"The World’s smallest celebrity presenter reveals Hollywood’s greatest secrets".

Travel is the largest industry in the world, over a million people a day are making travel bookings. Each company offering an exclusive attraction; however it’s a fact that international travels fastest growing sector is “Film Tourism” - it’s now a multi-billion pound industry in itself.

Think about it for a moment, the largest tourist attractions in the world are film orientated theme parks (Disney, Universal and Fox studio tours). Even the Queen has become a “location tourist” recently visiting the sets of TV’s "Game of Thrones". So this series really is tapping in to an extremely fast growing culture phenomenon that has never been seriously explored on television before.

Warwick Davis (who is known for appearing in blockbusters) gives us his unique insider’s point of view as he travels the world, discovering some of the secrets behind Hollywood's biggest movies. Along the way Warwick will meet up with some of his celebrity friends – some of whom actually appeared in the films featured.

We will also be exploring the impact hollywood’s visit has on the local bars, restaurants and hotel trades plus some engaging human stories of the staff who find themselves suddenly serving A list celebrities. As well as the enormous legacy Hollywood leaves behind, as the area as becomes a major tourist spot.

Some of the places he will visit include:

Some of the countries we will tour include, New Zealand - where tourism has increased dramatically purely for the Lord of the Rings sets. We have an exclusive chat with Director Peter Jackson on the set of the next Hobbit film.

The Greek Islands – used in "Mama Mia" (the world’s biggest selling DVD). A real couple arranged to get married on the “hill top church”, only the husband-to-be got stuck when a certain airline collapsed, luckily the wedding was rescued by a passing rock star! 

Tunisia - amongst its biggest attractions are the Star Wars sets – with 3 brand new films coming very soon - we have a major exclusive.

Plus we are going further, exploring the 'ghost town' in Spain used to make the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, the hill side where Julie Andrews heard the Sound of Music, the dance floor that John Travolta 'feverishly danced' on Saturday nights and where Harry Potter learned to fly.  Did you know the entire country’s tourism industry in Jordan was set up due to the success of Lawrence of Arabia?

With a knowledgeable host, insider gossip and spectacular locations, it will appeal to film geeks, casual movie goers and armchair travellers alike.

We are now in the advanced stages of the development process, having covered legal requirements and discovered over ten thousand locations, plus unprecedented access to many of Hollywood’s top talent.


On Screen Talent (subject to availability)

Sir Kenneth Branagh, Sir Roger Moore, Sir Ian McKellen, Ricky Gervais, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg,  Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, Daniel Radcliff, Michael Palin, Steven Merchant and many others.



The journey can be followed by an interactive map, with GPS Co-ordinates. Video downloads, Outtakes, Exclusive Interviews and Alternative Info Bursts.

Also “A Short Traveller’s Guide” will be published, so people can find the locations featured in the series for themselves.  A tie-in book deal is already in place.



From his birth Warwick has suffered from Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita – he’s only 3ft tall. Rather than hold him back, Warwick has become an inspiration to millions of people - regardless of their physical ability.


Test Footage

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Example Photos

Filming with Warwick Davis.

A scene from Star Wars, shot in a Mosque car park in the Sahara desert.

The Egyptian office scenes from Lawrence of Arabia - filmed in Spain!

Indiana Jones goes shopping in during Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Discovering more lost locations....



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