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The Work Blog of Bryan Fuhr


Technology has gotten me out of the habit of crafting a business story. It feels like social media does it for me. Lost are brand narratives, product experiences, and consumer relationships to myriad devices and channel fragmentation. This project is about reclaiming my blogging skills to advance my career.


Let others in the marketing community know about the thinking I offer on brands, consumers and technology, and how I can influence, shape, and lead their marketing efforts.


Mike the marketer. Heads up sales and marketing for a technology platform. Reports into an engineer. Outnumbered in an organization that values code over consumer empathy. In other words, his boss doesn't believe in marketing. Needs someone to help him craft a story about the technology that resonates with the consumer, and figure out new ways to communicate it that grow product usage and consumer loyalty. Based in NYC or SFO, Mike is 40something in age and has an MBA.


Modern > Antiquated
Clean > Cluttered
Minimal > Overwhelming
Visual > Text driven
Spacious > Crowded
Optimistic > Flat


Reshape 1 marketing community to generate new professional opportunities in 6 months time


ISM is an insightful, strategic, modern blog focused on providing content about brands, consumers, and technology to executives, colleagues, and employees, in order to influence, shape, and change beliefs about the power of marketing. 


Unmet consumer needs that could be an opportunity
New markets which brands have opened up and figured out how to serve
Technology ideas and the things they allow brands to do that they couldn’t do before
Case studies in great marketing in which brands use technology


Burger King came out with another great promise today. It’s called (Always) Have It Your Way. Want your Angus burger to be cooked rare with a million toppings? (Always) have it your way. Want your fries to be cooked in chicken fat instead of vegetable oil? (Always) have it your way. The point is that no request will be ignored, and every desire will be fulfilled, each and every time you visit each and every Burger King in the United States. Why, it’s the American dream! So, head on over to Burger King today to (Always) Have It Your Way. 


The fast food industry is extremely competitive. The product margins and thin, and the product development cycle is fast-paced. Worse, customer loyalty is minimal. 

So, rather than spending money and time to win back customers, Burger King has changed its game. It’s invented a new way to differentiate itself. It’s called (Always) Have It Your Way. The idea is simple: Using sales data, Burger King remembers your preferences, and prepares for you hamburgers, fries, and shakes anyway you like it, at any location in the world. The hope is that this extra effort will create a richer emotional connection to Burger King and bring them back more often, just like your skinny latte does at Starbucks. 

Time will tell whether or not this is an innovation in the fast food industry or a promotion. The extra level of attention seems quite nice, but does anyone really care about a fast food hamburger this much? 



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