The Woodman's Tools

The Woodman's Tools - student project

I have been meaning to complete this project for a very long time. I watched the class when it first came out and rewatched it recently as a reminder. Anyway better late than never, I guess.

Originally I decided to illustrate camping equipment. As I started to list items I might take on a camping trip I changed my theme slightly. Instead, I decided to illustrate tools used by a woodsman who lives alone in a cabin deep in the woods. It really helped, and was fun, to imagine a character and think of the clothes he wears and the things he needs. 

I decided to do my illustration on Procreate on my iPad in the end rather than in Photoshop. Below is my finished piece and final sketch.

Thank you so much, Tom, for the awesome, inspiring class.



The Woodman's Tools - image 1 - student project



The Woodman's Tools - image 2 - student project