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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

After him hawing around enough with this class and going through enough books that I could do, I finally decided to narrow it down and get my butt in gear. So I decided on my favorite book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum.

Here's my list of attributes I remembered from the book (it's been a bit since I've reread the book, so some rabbit-holing was needed lol) and some skecthes of potential B's. Used a couple references, but depending on what other sketches I can get done we'll determine how much I can changes those ones up especially.

Also started playing around with combing Baum's initials in a few of the forms, so I may end up doing a couple letter forms for this project :)

Sketches [9/5/2014]

So far I'm liking the first, third, and forth sketches. With the first one could be interesting with the skyline of the emerald city along the edges. And looking at it now, that one could work as either an uppercase or lowercase b.

The third one I like but not sure how to decorate it, so I think I'd need to do a few more concepts just on that one to figure out exactly the direction I would go with it.

And the forth one I can change up a coule ways, with or without the bricks in the top loop but I definitely like breaking up the bottom with the poppy.

With the second one, it just seems too simple, but that might be he way to go.

I've been needing to practice though, get back in the groove of designing, so I may just design all them for now and see what other people decide on.

Drop Cap 01 [9/14/2014]

Here's the first drop cap I finished or somewhat finished. I feel like more could be done with it, but I also have a tendency to not know when I should really stop, so maybe this is the stopping point for this one?

I started working on the gothic looking B, but I'm still not liking the direction of that one. So if anything on that one, I'd have to sit down and look at other gothic style letterforms and sketch it out a little neater. Need to work on my curves and positioning of the forms still.

But I'd still really like to work on the hot air balloon one, so that may be the next one I post up.


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