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The Wombats

Narrowed down my choices by putting iTunes on shuffle and picking 12 bands. Some of these I kinda know and some of them I know very little about.

Band names folded and ready for the lottery pick.

And the winner is...

The Wombats. A band I know very little about and am looking forward to seeing what comes from this project. 

So, I was able to spend an hour this weekend getting started on my poster. This, by far, is my favorite part of the design process...the research phase. I'm not thinking about color, composition, layout, heirarchy, or any of those design principles. This is all about putting pen to paper and seeing what comes out of it. I really like the idea of going at my own pace. As many of you, working full time in the design industry can sometimes not leave much in terms of a personal life and/or personal projects. However, I will do my best to complete this project in a timely manner. 

Having way too much fun with pen and paper. The next round of images will be a more refined/composed set of pics...hopefully this week will be less busy at work.


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