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The Wolf I Am...

I took this perzine (personal zine) from a journal entry I wrote this past February. It's personal stuff, for sure, but I think there's an element of wildness within each of us that we tend to deny and suppress, leading to things like depression, anxiety and neurotic behaviors. Not that I'm a psychologist or anything, but it's what I've noticed within myself.  

I added a personal note that I believe many of us need to hear regularly, especially living in our super-saturated media-driven society where we're given the message that we're not enough in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

So... there are definitely things I would have done differently, tried to make it look a little more cohesive with my choice of writing and fonts. But for my first fully-completed one, I'm pretty pleased. 

I may come around later after I've had a little time to reflect, and ask a couple questions of you folks... 




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