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The Woeful Wanderings of William B. Goode

Hey fellow film fanatics (and James and Vince and Skillshare staff!)...

The text I have chosen to adapt is the poem by William Goode on page 113 of the Spoon River Anthology. I added the middle initial "B" because I thought it worked in the title and it lends a sort of tongue in cheek "be good now William" that I think suits his standing among his peers. 

Here is an excerpt that illuminates the theme: 

"...You should understand I sought the way

With earnest zeal, and all my wanderings

Were wanderings in the quest."


I'm entering my senior year of undergraduate school, and like William, I wander. And wonder. What next? Do I pursue a film career and push everything else aside? Do I suffer the burden of loans in order to attend film school? Do I hot foot it to L.A. and trust my talent and hard work to pave the way? Or something else entirely? I relate to William's story, and I like that it doesn't explicitly say how he perished. It left room for me to imagine a story as I saw fit according to his posthumous reflection. 


William, an orphan with little direction in life, searches for a fulfilling path but finds only its end. 

Screenplay (Final Draft)


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