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Carolina Frandsen P Costa

Biologist + Ilustrator



The Wistar Rats I've killed

This zine is, literally, about the rats I've killed. I'm no psychopat, I was a grad/master's student and my research projects were about diabetes, male reproductive system and melatonin intake (a hormone we all produce in the dark period of the day).

All the procedures were authorized by the local Ethical Committee, so don't worry. Well, that's what everyone in the lab used to say, anyway. I'm not an animal's crazy person, but somehow I could never take this aspect of the research professionaly. It always hit me personally, and deeply. Nowadays, I can't even donate blood or handle needles without having trouble, like passing away. I've given up any kind of research that involves experimenting with/sacrificing living beings. I just can't handle this. 


So I was with many ideas in my mind about this zine and couldn't pick any. I tried to start another one, but I wasn't satisfied about the result. It had no story behind it. So in the last minute, I've decided to make a small tribute about these little ones. About their short lifes, numerous expressions, and how coldly they would die. I'm finishing the back poster, and soon will update it!


The little codes above them are what their names used to be. Different letters indicate the different experimental groups. I'd probably do a better artwork if I didn't want to stick to the 1 hour advice, but that's all for now.


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