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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

As soon as Jessica uttered the words “letters” and “favourite book”, I knew I had to do a Haruki Murakami novel. The hard part for me was settling on one.

I finally decided on The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle — it is a classic and happens to be the most recent Murakami book that I have read. Like most of his books it is visceral and mysterious, and a study on “human nature”, alienation, our dream world or a deeper subconscious... collective unconscious? I feel like I am on the verge of proposing to write an English paper here. But no. I’m all about the letters.

Some of the things I will be researching are the symbols and imagery that reoccur and carry meaning throughout the story.

I am really excited to have one of my all-time favourite people (Jessica Hische) teach me how to do something (lettering) I really want to learn and improve on! :)


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