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The Wildest Ad in the Wilderness

I have created some projects with Illustrator before, but for some reason I always return to the program intimidated. One of my main reasons for this is my tendency to liken Illustrator to Photoshop, when really they're two entirely separate species of tools. I'm a graphic design student at the University of Maryland, and I'm looking to make a career out of design, so I enrolled in this class today (July 25) to build my confidence with Illustrator.

I'm a nerd and a half for all things Disneyland, and Disney attraction posters are by far my favorite advertisements on the planet and their artwork is where I draw inspiration for a lot of my style. I chose this 1956 poster for Frontierland as my ad to replicate because it seems like a perfect fit for this project, and--go figure--the artist, Bjorn Aronson, shares part of his name with mine. Not a lot of "Bjorn-anythings" out there.


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