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The Wild

Inspiration for this project didn't come easy.  Well let me clarify that, good inspiration didn't come easy. I ran through subject matter like crazy- Aesop's Fables, Doctor Who, The Three Musketeers, Seasons, Holidays and Landscapes- before settling on a theme.  I decided on Camping, and 4 different views of the same campsite at 4 different times of day.  

Before I'd settled on camping, I started sketching- for some reason nesting dolls popped into my head as a frame for my 4 scenes.  I find sketching to be the most productive of preliminary steps.  If I can't get a rough approximation onto paper, I defintely won't be able to get it across in Illustrator.  After a few rough sketches I abandoned my nesting dolls and different landscapes in favor of a more unified (and simplified) concept.

Camping was a natural evoluation of my earlier thoughts on landscape paired with the time of day.  I had just been complicating things before. 

I settled on 1 site, 4 views, 4 times of day, and 4 emotions to go with it:

Morning- Peacefulness

Noon- Happiness

Dusk- Anticipation 

Midnight- Mystery

I did some research- actually very little to be honest- and used SketchUp to layout my campsite so that I had a perspective to work from.

I already had an idea of what colors I wanted to use and I knew I wanted a somewhat realistic color palette- no red sky or blue grass.  I started my color palette with a version of sky blue and worked from there.  Adobe Illustrator's color tool came in especially handy.

I knew I wanted to use the same colors in all 4 images and so I ended up with a palette of 7 colors with variations on three of them to give the palette some depth.  I knew I'd have some issues with a couple of the interactions (you can see one of them outlined in red above) but I figured that the palette was robust enough that I would be able to proceed without any real issues.

Drawing commences:

I've been working pretty diligently for the past couple of days and while I'm not done yet, I've got a pretty good idea of where I'm going:

I'm allowing myself a little wiggle room in regards to blending modes (which is probably cheating), but I feel that if I strictly adhere to the 7(ish) colors, the sequence will lose something.  I might end up producing 2 sets- one that utilizes blending modes and one that doesn't, but I'm not there yet.  

Hopefully I'll be able to finish up the final draft in the next few days.


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