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The Wild - food label

Update - 27th June

Having a play with colour

Super quick mockup

I'm a bit late to the game but I'd love some feedback.

This is a project that I helped work on whilst doing an internship. It was a very small project and they didn't go ahead with anything in the end so I thought I'd try and rework it into a final piece.

It's a food label for a granola product that will be sold in a glass jar. They wanted a caduceus symbol and to be honest, I'm not really clear on what else they wanted (I think the client wasn't sure either but I definitely learned a lot from that experience). So from what they did tell us, this is what I've come up with now and I've worked in what I think they may have wanted. 

Their product was about being natural and plant based so I used leaves and plant like tendrils as decoration.

There may be too much going on, what do you guys think? I'm unsure of the lettering style I've drawn, but find it hard to make  the word "wild" not look like a wild wild west kind of thing. I haven't done anything to the text at the bottom yet, it's just a placeholder font/style for now. I may just cut that section off and create a secondary back label with that information on it. I'm also unsure if this would work for a food label, it's not very food label-like but on the other hand I think that it would really stand out against all the other food labels.

I struggled with achieveing that handmade feel just from my ink drawing, I think because I have so many straight lines so I decided to pen tool everything. 

Haven't started thinking about any colours yet, not too sure which direction to take in terms of colour.

I would love to receive feedback, I'm feeling a tad lost! Thanks in advance! 

Inked version

Vector version


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