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Ellika Larsson




The Wild Wild Woods

The inspiration for my project are the woodlands of Sweden in Autumn. I was born in Sweden and though I no longer live there anymore, I return at least once a year and I ensure that I always go for a hike through the woods. 

Autumn is when the woodlands come to life. The blueberry bushes are heavy with fruit, the damp earth is covered in toadstools and squirrels are bouncing between pines stocking up on food for their hibernation. 

I also wanted to challenge myself and go for something that wasn't very floral.

So based on these ideas, here are the initial sketches:



I used a combination of live trace and the blob brush to make my shapes. 

The moodboard:


The top left picture is a photo from a family get together in Sweden in late August. The swatch was inspired by the blue and red tones of the house as well as traditional rusty Autumn colours. 

Part of the design was a trace from the photo of clover. And then a couple of shots of the woods themselves :)

I only have a few pictures because I sat in my back garden to sketch and there were pine cones and pine needles lying around, and squirrels(!), so I drew straight from the source. 

I was really looking forward to the process of texturing my designs but for some reason I couldn't get the clipping mask function to work so my final designs aren't exactly what I wanted them to be, but despite that, and a few other things I would change, I am very happy. 

So here they are! Thanks for the great tutorials Bonnie!




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