Mariel A.

Graphic Design/Illustration/Art Direction from PDX



The Wild Wild Southwest

First of all, I was really excited to stumble upon this class because I have always loved vintage illustrations but have never been good enough at drawing to produce anything of my liking. This is such an awesome way to utilize old illustrations. 

I wanted to take a slightly different approach than doing a collage or a poster. I have been really into doing book covers lately, so I decided to make one. 

My sister has a crazy alter ego that she does when she's feeling sassy. It's a Southern gal named Charlotte who does things like create anti-itch ointment on her slave-free ranch in the wild west of Georgia (Charlotte is a little turned around). She also runs cross country races and needs an iPad to wake her up because her rooster is sick. I decided to create a book cover for an imaginary novel on Charlotte's adventures.

I wanted to find a classy looking lady to be the focus of the front cover, and I found this old advertisement on flickr. 


I also wanted to add some embellishments that are representative of the kinds of things she does. I found these pictures to use in my design as well. 




After playing around for a while, I finally was able to arrange the elements in a way I liked. This is how it turned out!





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