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Dee Tracy

Interior Decorator



The Wild Swans

The animal I chose was the swan. Ever since I watched a movie about a swan family that returned to the same rural pond each year, I was intrigued with their habits. I think they're such beautiful birds!  I was amazed to learn that they mate for life so they are a loyal breed. They are also among the largest of flying birds.

I searched Pinterest and found some lovely photos:

I decided to do a mock book cover for The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen.





My brainstorming list:

graceful, pure, elegant, white, ballet, water, The Ugly Duckling, protective, charming, beauty, theatrical, swim, soft, float, mysterious, long necks, gray, Swan Lake, pond, water droplets, feathers, whispy, webbed feet & ballerina

Warm up sketches: (The first one looks like a duck instead of a goose)!




Revised Sketch:


I decided to include a few items from the story as part of the cover;  the gold stars that the brothers wore on their chests and the golden crowns that they wore both as princes and swans. I also referenced the fishing nets that the brothers used to take Elisa to their new kingdom and lastly the roses because they were mentioned a couple of times in the story.

My lettering needs a lot of work and I'd love any suggestions. I also need a recommendation of a software program for novices, such as myself. I wouldn't begin to know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator. Does anyone have any experience with a more beginner friendly program like Serif Draw Plus? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




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