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The Whitest Boy Alive

I've chosen to do a poster for The Whitest Boy Alive. Most of the artwork associated with them is hand drawn black and white illustrations. Their name is a fictional character who all the songs are about. A "Naive shy northern boy". I want to bring some color into my poster because that is something they haven't had yet. I think my pallette will either be monochromatic or I will add light blue and blood red to their existing black and white. 

Here are my first concept sketches, I want something that still has somewhat of a handdrawn feel even though I'll be doing to bulk of it in illustrator.

Here is my first draft of the poster. I've done it in full color because I'm just deciding now what color of monochromatic palette I would like to do.

This is something I came up with messing around with worn textures and blending modes in photoshop. I'm not sure if it's too much but I like the worn effect.

This is a subtler version

I've done another revision trying out opacity masks in illustrator instead of using photoshop. I've also closed his eye as the black soulless holes in his face were creeping me out.


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