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The White Girl

Part I: A Whole New World, College Edition (567 words)

I followed the RA down the hall. Music, laughter, and conversation leaked through the thin walls of the dormitory. I was a second semester transfer student, and I was terrified. Everyone here clearly had already formed their friend groups in first semester. There was no way I'd be able to break into those tightly knit circles. I knew, because I had to leave my own tight circle when my grant got cut. A whole semester spent forming relationships with the people who should be my best friends for life, and now I was back on my own.

We reached my new state school dorm room. The whole building was rundown, so I didn't have high expectations of what laid behind the door. I found myself longing for the late nights goofing with my friends in the posh lounges of the private university I had left.

I could hear upbeat chatter through the door. My new roommate was obviously a social butterfly. The RA knocked before unlocking the door for me. There were five girls in total, sitting in various places around the room. One was sitting on the bare-mattressed bed in the side of the room that had nothing, clearly my new home. There was a chorus of friendly hellos, and one girl stood up and came to shake my hand. Her name was Daisy, and she was my roommate.

Daisy and I looked nothing alike. I was tall, blonde, and pale as a ghost. She was a petite Hispanic girl, with long dark hair and dark skin to match. The other girls looked like her. As the RA filled me in on the finer details of dorm life, they began conversing in Spanish. "Great," I thought, "I'll never break into this group."

The RA finally left, and I began to unpack my things in silence. I cursed my former university for cutting my funding, my parents for not having better jobs, and myself for believing that I had found my perfect home away from home. Ritzy University was obviously too good to be true. The girl who had been sitting on my bed vacated it as I set my suitcase on top. My parents were coming the following weekend with the rest of my things, so at the moment I only had the bare essentials. It didn't take long for me to finish.

I sat on my bed and began to panic slightly. "What do I do now?" I thought. "I have no one here, and I don't know where anything is. I have nowhere to go." I let out a sigh of exasperation. Daisy stopped midsentence, looked at me, and started asking me questions in English. Where did I transfer from? What is my major? What do I like to do for fun? She introduced me to her friends, and the whole group switched over to English. The tension within me started to dissipate. This might be okay.

That was three months ago. As we finish up our freshmen year of college, I am overjoyed with the friends I have made here at State University. I don't mind being the only white girl, and I've been able to use those Spanish classes I took in high school. I still keep in touch with my friends at my old school, but I find I prefer the ruggedness of the middle-of-nowhere life to the expensive city life. 

Part II: To the Liquor Store! (284 words)

The weekend before sophomore year was a weekend to remember, though our intention was to forget it. With everyone reunited and no homework yet to tie us down, we had every reason to celebrate. Karina had gotten a fake ID, and we were ready to break it in.

We all had our own cars, but decided to squish into Daisy's teeny Bug; it was cute, and life's more fun when you're sitting in each other's laps. We pulled into the liquor store parking lot and tumbled out, giggling. As we turned to look at the store, the laughter stopped, and we all became very serious. We had to pull this off. We couldn't get this ID taken away.

We decided that only Karina should go in since she was the one with an ID. We threw our money and requests at her at once. She typed everything into her phone, took a deep breath, and strode confidently into the store.

The ten minutes went slowly. You could feel the nerves emanating from each of us. Would it work? Would they take her ID? Would they call the cops? I began chewing on my fingernails.

After what felt like an eternity, and to our great relief, Karina emerged from the store with her hands full of heavy bags. We ran over to help her carry the booty. The store clerk definitely saw us through the window; I pointed this fact out to the group and we made a run for the car. We stashed the booze in the trunk and piled in before he could do anything. We laughed and screamed the whole way home, and had a fantastic night (followed by a dreadful morning).

Part III: New Girl, Take Two (140 characters)

Junior year. We get a random assingment as a suitemate. Suddenly I'm not the only white girl in the group. #MakeOurMark


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