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The Wheel of Time - Lord of Chaos

8/26/14 Can't leave this unfinished

I put the sketch into illustrator a long time ago... but the letter just looked so bulky, had so little flare and detail. I felt lost. And that really stopped the process. 

So today I came back to this, I change colors a bit and just focused on getting the dragon "right". Maybe after another long break I'll figure out how to flesh out the letter. 

11/12 First Sketches -

My letter is "J" for Robart Jordan.  The series as a whole is set in an old age of farmers, walled cities, horses and swords.  Where word travels slowly and maps are incomplete. Add in mystical powers, legends and epic battles against the Dark One for the good of the earth... you know, some typical fantasy stuff. 

Words that pertain to this book in the series...

focus -

- Duplicity / Broken / hidden factions

- White vs. Black (black tower vs white tower / male vs female)

- Dragon Reborn (wolf, fox, serpent, red)

secondary focus -

- Power / Madness / Source / Tavel / Shield

- Old Tounge

- Pulling Strings or Weave / 3, 13, 9, 6, 1 

So trying to have both black and white worked into the form of the letter.  A little older style, maybe work in a dragon.  Plus angular, borken or doubled form. 

I feel a little all over the place, leaning towards options 1 or 2... any thoughts?  See one of the other sketches you like more? 

option 1:

option 2:

more sketches...

and more....

11/8 Book Choice - 

Currently reading through the Wheel of Time Series, it falls somewhere between the Lord of The Ring and Game of Thrones, so it's definitely full of story and imagery.  I'd like to finish the series someday... so i've got to keep reading it, no breaks to return to an old favorite. 


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