The Whale!

Hello, all!  Excited to learn a thing or two with/from everyone.  I figured I'd revisit my favorite book, Moby-Dick, in particular a phrase that I feel has a lot to do with chasing down what we're after artistically--"thy right worship is defiance."  A bit heavy, but should make for an interesting picture.  So, of course, I'm looking to include a whale, and exert myself mightily in making the water, whale and (possibly) a harpoon do beautiful things digitally.  I'll toss up my sketches and reference board, for starters.

also, here's the pinterest board, as it develops:


UPDATE!  This composition looked like the most likely to work, so I brought it up to phase-2 level; any feedback would of course be greatly appreciated before I start monkeying around with this digitally!


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