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The Westcoast Trail

12 years ago, my family and I went on our last Hiking trip together. We went on the Westcoast Trail, an 8okm hike that took a week and a half. 

40km in, you'll find a magical beach. As the tide rolls out, you can find this isolated outcrop, where there's nothing but Pacific ocean. After dinner, I wondered out to the outcrop and sat down. I was soon joined by another hiking partner.  We qiuetly and watched the sunset.

Then it happened.

As soon as the sun touched to ocean, everything went still and absolutly silent.  The tide was quickly rolling out and suddenly, these ghostly figures began to rise from the ocean floor. The westcoast trail is also known as the pacific graveyard. A century of shipwrecks have accumulated on the treachurous coast and now we found ourselves right in the middle of one of the more popular pockets. 

The long shadows the sun was casting, coupled with the heat and condensation of the day made for a breathtaking moment etched into my mind. It brought tears to our eyes.

The moment the sun disappear over the horizon, the day instantly vanished, wiping away the canopy of the day reavealing the vastness of the universe. Now, you need to realize, civilization is far far away from this place. The only light came from the the milky way. The horizon disappeared and we found ourselves on a rock floating in an infinite space.

Then the tide came rolling back in rather loudly, haralding the end of the moment. Then and there, I fell in love with Canada. Silently, I nodded to my partner and we parted ways. I went back to my campsite and she went back to hers.

I never saw her again. I'll take that moment with me to the grave.


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