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The Werner Family

I decided to go with my maiden name, Werner, for this project.  All of the imagery has modern significance to my family.

Reference images:


Traveling hours in a van was pretty common in my family and we had a rad toyota sienna which matches the one in the ref image.  I tried different ways to incorporate the van and settled on tire tracks.

The three radio towers are found in Greenbury Point and are located in a nature reserve.  The trails and woods there pretty much became our playground growing up.  The three towers are in the first quadrant of the crest. 

A lot of Marylanders have state pride and that includes their love of the Maryland flag.  I used the color scheme of the flag in the color version.  My family is no different.  What Marylanders love more than their flag is steamed crabs.  Instead of garland of leaves, I used crab claws.

The remaining two icons are influenced by my parents.  My mom is the handy person in my family and she taught me to be able to fix pretty much anything.  When we are doing projects she always says 'measure twice, cut once'.  So I included a ruler to represent her saying.  The eye is for my father.  We call him eagle eyes because he can spot anything.  If he's driving he'll be constantly looking around and asking 'do you see that??' and point to something that would have stayed hidden otherwise.  

The motto I used was 'Hey Hon'.  It's a commonly used phrase in Baltimore where both my parents grew up.  Instead of addressing someone as sir or miss, people will just say hon.  

That's the explantion to the crest and you can view it below!

Progress shots:






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