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The Well-oiled Business Machine

Too many business owners have to work to hard to get the results they want.  The big problem is that they have not systemetized their business.  The Well-oiled Business Machine is an internet flash course on business systems focuing on implementation and execution.  The entire course can be completed in 6 weeks.  The Well-oiled business Machine consists of:

Learning models to introduce the systems
Templates that are easily customized for any business
Worksheets to help with implemetation
Review sheets to revisit the systems after they are in place 90, 120 and 180 days

The assests that I need to acquire are
A website for access to content 
An autoresponder to keep the course front and center
A lead magnet to introduce the product to a massive market
Joint venture partners

My big contribution will be creating the workshops, templates, and worksheets

The are two different potential customers that are attreacted to my product.  #1 A business and are frustrated with results that are far less then they know they could see. #2 Someone at the design stage of his business and wants to get off on the right foot.

My biggest challenge is getting all the couse material organized and on paper.  The uniqueness of the project is its relative clarity, ease to understand and quick impact in the real world.

Being that it will be an internet based course that every participant can develop a his or her own speed the duplication is inplace from inception.  It also has the ability to spin off into speaking engagements, coaching clients and live workshops.


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