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The Weeknd

POST 1 — Intro and Sketches

As a designer by trade with a notorious weakness for gig poster art, I decided to get some extra practice with this class. Most of my work is pretty "light"—Bright colors for happy clients and projects. Since I've been infatuated with The Weeknd's latest release "Kiss Land" (which has been described by the artist as "like a horror movie"), I decided a poster promoting the tour would be a nice change of pace.

The Weeknd's songs revolve almost exclusively around sex, drugs, partying, and the hangover that follows. His self-made record label is called XO, which was also used as a suffix for his social media handles during the releases of his first mixtapes. 

The three major themes I chose to represent are women, drugs, and the letters "XO." 

Simple and clean: A woman's mouth with bright red lipstick (possibly smeared) with pills on her tongue. Typography for the event details will be simple and out of the way.

Complex bathroom scene: "XO" written in lipstick on a cheap bathroom mirror with the event details handwritten underneath. The counter shows off a bottle of pills, rolled up dollars, and cocaine. A bra hangs from the corner, and there is an opportunity to create some ghostly silhouettes in the reflection, too.

Trippy: The letters are created by light hitting womens' limbs that are hanging off a "bed" (or in this case, a pill). While this is more far-fetched and will be much more difficult to represent visually, it better alludes to the drug-induced dreamlike state often referenced in The Weeknd's music.  

I'm still trying to decide which of these is the strongest, so I'll give it a few sleeps before deciding which to use for my detailed sketch. Can't wait to get into the next steps!


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