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The Way We Leave

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I chose to work with a piece from Spoon River Anthology. When I was reading Isaiah Beethoven, the piece felt almost familiar. It really spoke to me, and I began to imagine leaving this world through a dreamlike state. There is so much beauty in the way Edgar Lee Masters writes, the pictures he paints are dreamlike to me. It's like I see his words through a soft, hazy lense. I attempted to put myself in Isaiah's shoes. With only three months to live, would I want to leave the world through it's reality- the heart ache, the pain, the loneliness, the fear? Or would I want to leave through my dreams? Maybe a dream that was once a reality. So many beautiful moments that we live through, draw to an ugly end. We lose the one thing, or the one person that we love. I wanted to take Isaiah out of his world through a happier time. Through his greatest memory, with the one he loved. Before he could experience that pain and that loss. As if they left the world together, during life's most peaceful moment, completely content. 


THEY told me I had three months to live,

So I crept to Bernadotte,

And sat by the mill for hours and hours

Where the gathered waters deeply moving

Seemed not to move:

O world, that’s you!

You are but a widened place in the river

Where Life looks down and we rejoice for her

Mirrored in us, and so we dream

And turn away, but when again

We look for the face, behold the low-lands

And blasted cotton-wood trees where we empty

Into the larger stream!

But here by the mill the castled clouds

Mocked themselves in the dizzy water;

And over its agate floor at night

The flame of the moon ran under my eyes

Amid a forest stillness broken

By a flute in a hut on the hill.

At last when I came to lie in bed

Weak and in pain, with the dreams about me,

The soul of the river had entered my soul,

And the gathered power of my soul was moving

So swiftly it seemed to be at rest

Under cities of cloud and under

Spheres of silver and changing worlds—

Until I saw a flash of trumpets

Above the battlements over Time.

Here's a little playlist of the music I've been listening to while working on The Way We Leave.

This might give you an idea of the feel of my piece and what has inspired me.

Breath In: Japanese Wallpaper

Taking You There: Broods

All I Want: Dawn Golden

Sort Of Revolution: Fink

Bronte: Gotye

For My Help: Hayden Calnin

Wait It Out: Imogen Heap

Our Love Comes Back: James Blake

Wait: M83

Light Home: Matt Corby

Lay Me Down (Acoustic): Sam Smith

The Wolves (Act 1 & 2): Bon Iver

I Awoke: A Minor Swoon

Hoppípolla: Sigur Rós

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

The Way We Leave: 1st Draft

The Way We Leave: 2nd Draft

The Way We Leave: 3rd Draft

The Way We Leave: Final Draft

Step 3: Writing Your Logline

Logline: With only three months to live, Isaiah must choose how he exits the world. 


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