The Wall

Funnily enough I'm really trying to get structure out of this course rather than pick up any skills on telling stories visually through whatever medium my main aim is to get that start/middle/end bit nailed so I can finally construct something and as I am quite visual I'm hoping this will help.

So the basic premise of one of my many stories is that:

Set in future....or maybe past....

Village in the middle of nowhere, quite isolated, few trucks in and out now and again to drop supplies and stuff off. There's one road into their valley, at the other end of the valley big mountain with a big rift in it at the end of that rift/chasm a big huge wall.

Like someones walled it off. And in the wall 1 door.


I've sort of got the first bit down but to be honest I'm freestyling from that point on alot will depend on era etc but it's going to be sci-fi/fantasy type thing.

Dunno we'll see be fun doing this whatever!!