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Emma Holder

Graphic Designer



The Von-Holder Kitchen: Bloody Mary Mix

The label design I'm going to work on will be for a book (or possibly series of books/cards) of illustrated family recipes, a project I've been working on for awhile now, and really need to follow through with!

May 16: Mood Board

I want the label (which maybe is I guess more of a book cover, but really that's a label too, right?) to reflect my family, primarily the aesthetics my mother and grandmother have. The label should have a sense of nostalgia, be a bit rustic - not overly polished, and definitely nod towards the outdoors. It can also have a feminine lean since the recipes are my mothers and grandmothers'. This is a distilled version of my Pinterest board for the project.


May 30: Element Sketches


June 5: Rough label sketches

After working through these sketches and thinking about the project, I decided to move away from the book I was planning, and actually make a label for one of the recipes - a bloody mary mix my mom and I both love. The inspiration and mood board remain the same, and after some research on the labels of other mixes, I think the more feminine feel would definitely stand out on the shelf. 

I definitely did not have a clear brand name/naming convention in mind while I was working, so it changes from sketch to sketch. "Bloody Mary Mix" is a given, but at first I was picturing this label as a personal product which I would use on home-made batches, so it could simply say "our favorite" and the expiration date. I've ultimately decided to use a combination of my mom's maiden name and her married name to create the brand "The Von-Holder Kitchen", which shows up in the later sketches.



June 10: Digital Sketches


June 19: New Designs and Mockups

Another version:


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