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The Violet Hour


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On the outisde, Ophelia was no different than you or me. On the inside however she was extraordinary. For Harry she was too good to be true. In the small town of Mountain Mist extraordinary people were rare. Ophelia was the rare gem Harry needed, and the one he couldn't live without. 

Excerpt from prologue:

Harry loved Mountain Mist he really did but it lacked personality. Yes, the people were nice but no one stood out. He favored the quiet over the hustle and bustle of the city. Though it was a shame that his only real company was Louis. Except their contact only occured over the phone. They spoke every day. Usually, it was about nonsense but Harry enjoyed it. He rarely had anything to say, it was always Louis that went on the adventures. It made Harry develop an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Unfortunaly, adventures are no fun when you have one to go on them with. 

"I feel so bad for you. You're always bored there." Louis stated in today's conversation. 

"I enjoy the boring." Harry half lied. 

"You're young, go live life!" Louis exclaimed. "Why don't you move down here, to New York. It'll be fun." He joked. 

"No thank you."

Louis was probably the most colorful person Harry knew. Then again, Harry did live in Moutain Mist. 

"If you don't move then I'll stop talking to you. And we both know you'll become the dullest person ever if that happens." Louis always liked to joke. Mostly because he knew Harry needed some jokes in his life. 

The rest of their conversation involved Harry talking about how he found a great new book at the library. Then Louis cracking jokes till Harry hurt from too much laughter. 

Harry wished there were someone here he could talk to like this. All he could do was hope that maybe one day someone like that would come into his life. 


Th next morning Harry woke up to the annoying brightness of the sun. He turned to the other side and put the pillow over his face in an attempt to go back to sleep. The attempt, of course, did not work. With a groan he got out of bed and went into the kitchen. 

He opened the refridgerator expecting to see a partly filled carton of milk. Instead the carton was almost empty.

"Seriously?" Harry grumbled. 

The trip to the store was only five minute walk. Harry threw on a dark jacket, some jeans and a beanie. Winters in Mountain Mist were anything but gentle. He found himself almost always wearing beanies to guard his ears from the bitter winds. 

Not many people walked during the winter. I guess people don't find the leafless trees pleasant, Harry thought. The wind practically stung his face as he walked. At least there was a view, the town was called Mountain Mist after all. Fog rested around the tops of the mountains. It gave them a more gray color but Harry still liked it. 

When Harry arrived at the store he took in the warmth fron the heater. He went to the frozen section to grab the milk. He saw his reflection in the glass. His green eyes looked much more vivid agaist his currently pale face. In the reflection he saw someone walk in. It was a girl with brown hair that reached just below her shoulder blades. Harry could feel his face gradually warming up. 

"Sup, Jerry." The girl called out to the clerk. 

It was so unusual for someone to use a word like that in this town. He dismissed the thought and grabbed the milk. When he got to the checkout counter the girl was there. Apparently she worked here. In Harry's two years of living here he never noticed her. It was a surprise that Harry hadn't noticed someone like her before. The girl with personality, that was Harry's name for her. 

"Hello." She greeted. Harry would never admit but his warmed up again. 


The girl was mesemerized. She was a hopeless romantic who fell in love with every attractive guy she had seen. For some reason, this one was different. He had something to him that made him different. She just couldn't figure it out. 

"Hi." The man said back to her. He wasn't as lost for words as she was. 

She looked at the carton of milk in the man's hand. 


"Oh, I'm sorry." Harry apologized. 

"It's cool." There she was again with that unusual vocabulary. 

Harry could feel the awkwardness between them. The girl scanned the milk and Harry paided for it. He wanted to run out of the store just to escape the awkward situation but he didn't want to leave her. This girl with personality was something he didn't want to let go of. She was different in every way possible. It was as if Harry was a paperclip and she was magnet. It made Harry feel abnormal. He didn't exactly enjoy it but it opened the door to adventure. 

Harry walked to the door but he didn't want to leave. He wished for something, anything, to make him turn around. This girl had become someone he wanted to be around. She brought light to his gloomly world. And all she had to do was say a few words. He put his hand on the door knob.

"Hey um, wait up!" The girl said, stopping Harry. 

Harry smiled brightly inside. He turned around to face the girl. 

"I'm Ophelia." The girl with personality had a name. The name was so different it was like it had a personality of its own. "I like guys that wear beanies."

Harry snickered at the weird last sentence. 


Opehelia didn't blush, she just smiled. Whether it was because how cute the man looked while laughing or how stupid her last sentence was she'd never know. 

"I'm Harry." He held out his hand for her to shake. 


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