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Ethan Peverall

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The Vintage Boxer

Heres what ive added today.... I built a few shapes and added a background. still not sure what it is turning into... maybe a manliest man competition flyer.

So, I started with the cover photo.  Theres no particular reason i chose it really. It just seemed like a cool depiction of a vintage gentleman with a little bravado. I turned the image into a stencil basically by using the pen tool and filling in with different shades of gray.  Then I added the stars by drawing a circle around the image and aligning the star shapes along that circle individually.  I also am foreshadowing a little text with the borders on the bottom but i am very unclear about where the overall outcome of this ad will be.  I pretty much started without any direction whatsoever, so if anyone has any suggestions please share them.  


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