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The Verrier Family

( the not so short and sweet edition )

The Surname Roots.

Verrier is an occupational surname, denoted to those who are makers of glass objects. Originally from the Roman (Latin) word 'vitrum' meaning glass. With strong development in England, the name itself dates back from the time of the Norman-French conquest of 1066.

Even if hereditary surnames did not come into popular use for nearly two centuries afterwards, early examples show knights bearing crest with Verrier.

Our recorded family tree shows our earliest ancestor coming to Canada in the early 1600. First making their way to Quebec, Canada and eventually venturing out further west to Manitoba.

Verrier Crest


What can I say about my grandparents? They are amazing people, kind, loving, funny, joyful, playful, collaborative, encouraging, and above all are always there for you. Originally working on this project I realized that there is a lot that I don't really know about them and their lives. I spoke to a few people in my family to dig a little deeper. My parents were a great help to unlock some of the mysteries that lay within their histories.

Eventually it struck me like a bolt, why did I know so little of my grandparents past?  It's simple really - they would always talk about us, how our day was going, what we were up too, even day to day details. They made it always about us, and not them. I think it's a good time to add selfless to their list of accolades.

My Grandparents

-- Romeo.

My grandfather is a simple man, but ideas so simple only Newton and Einstein could figure out equations to unify them.  You know, that kind of simple.

Growing up in Manitoba, he understood the value of all things in life. They did not have a lot growing up, so he learned quickly to manage his accounts when he was a young boy. Sure enough he would become so good at it that he ran accounts once he graduated for various massive companies.

Efficiency is his number one game. The man is hyper efficient. I'm not even sure a computer will go through and calculate all the possibilities and odds like he does. The planning and organization levels are through the roof - something I've always admired. Whenever I catch myself maybe taking the easy route, I remember that it would never fly with him, so why should it with me?

I am always fond of his stories about going duck hunting with his sons. A few stories he would only tell us when my father wasn't around, which were always the most entertaining. Might also help that he is the funniest person I've ever met - stand up comedy would have been to easy of a gig for him.

He loves living in the moment, values honor highly, and above all always has truth at heart.

-- Rose.

My grandmother is amazing, loving, and to the point. She will not sway, no matter how hard you try. You have to convince her otherwise with a solid argument - and you better have it down pat, because she has read THAT book before. The sense of humor she has must be a by product of marrying one of the funniest gentlemen in town.

She loves all that is rose. The flower and all elements colored rose. All the shapes, sizes, swatches, you name it.

Another thing she adores are antiques. Their house is always filled with various trinkets and widgets from all types of eras. It's always amazing seeing it - like treasures from across the globe. Now if you have any antique item that is rose colored, you've made the cut.

She is the realist of people on the planet, no BS and she tells you like it is. She has excellent manners and made sure that we would as well - the core of it all? Respect. I've always admired that characteristic about her - and never forget to stand true in the face of all humanity.

Verrier Crest Elements.

Rose laurels: For my grandmothers love of roses.

Lion: The lion is the most ancient representation of the Verrier clan. The 3 coins above signify a house strong with handling currency. Thought it was fitting to keep as my grandfather is the embodiment of that.

Duck: All the years my grandfather spent duck hunting, with friends and family.

Antique Key: A old key for all the antiquing my grandmother does and items she collects. The key has a rose head.

Coin Gear: The gear is to represent the efficiency of my grandfather. The coin inside shows efficiency specifically in the accounting aspect of his life.

"Vérité à coeur": This translates roughly to "Truth at Heart" - which resonates true with all of my family. We keep everything out in the open, and do it with pride as the truth is empowering.

The Board

The Process


Final Crest

Final Verrier Crest


Green Tee

Yellow Tee

Blue Tees

Badges? Don't mind if I do.


Badge Cycle

Badge Hat

Badge Hat

Verrier Crest on Metal

Verrier Crest on Metal

If you've made it this far, I must be doing something right. Thank you for sharing this with me and I hope to keep projects like these alive. 

Sir Draplin is a true inspiration. Appreciate you putting on this class professor. Cheers.


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