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The Velvet Underground

I want something that expresses the situatedness and historical specificity of The Velvet Underground. or well, that's far too much to ask really. Maybe something that reflects where they came from and where they made their music, New York. So I thought of films from New York, and I thought of Woody Allen's Manhattan. I like the images of NY in it, and I can imagine The Velvet Underground playing in some of the spaces, behind some of the doorways in his the city.

I also like the dark, knitty grittedness of their music. it's kind of lazy and playful sometimes, and bleak at others. I'm not sure there's an image that really sticks in my mind for this. It did get me thinking about what they were doing at the time though, which is a hell of a lot of drugs, most famously heroin. I'm sure the ups are great (I don't really know, having never tried it) but we are all familiar with the adverse effects... So anyway, here's a picture of a drug addict! As just kind of strange visual inspiration.

If we talk of tragic figures, it also wouldn't be fair to forget Nico, who was ousted from the group after a bit of a love triangle. I think of her as a kind of mournful, femme fatale. She has this resonating, deep, strangely accented voice, that simply carries you across the chaos. Undoubtably, she is one of the forefront figures I think of when I think of the Velvet underground and it wouldn't be fair to forget her is this dirty, dark cityscap, drug crazed album cover (?!)

Last, but certainly not least, is the tempo of their music. It moves slowly, racously, loud and cacaphonic. Sometimes slow, sometimes so fast it feels chaotic. Sometimes joyful, sometimes as bleak as the cityscape, but always moving and exploring. Always a little strange, always a little honest. Dirty, dusky, sounds that make me glad I love rock. So here's a picture of the band with Andy Warhol, who brought his own kind of theatre to the music. Which would be another nice thing if I can include it.


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