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The Vancouver coffee places where I write and create.

I have a tiny home office where I write and blog about maker better makers and living a creative life. However, there are many rainy winter days in Vancouver where I MUST get out of the house and see some other people.

I have my fave independent coffee places that I visit. Most have wifi, some don't (I know - scandalous in 2013!). Each has it's own personality and vibe that influences the work that I must do on a particular day.

Think of it as a map of vetted freelance work locations for the coffee lover looking to be inspired creatively.

Week 1 Update

I did the quiz and scored 75%.

I have been doodling some hand drawn maps that are unrelated to my project. Just for practice. Actually, one map with a few iterations - a hand drawn map of where I have lived in my life. What I found out immediately is that I had to play around with scale, the level of detail and where/how I labeled cities in order for it to clearly tell my story. And this was a simple map with 6 cities that I have lived in!

Not being a professional illustrator or calligrapher, I'd love to take the Skillshare class on hand printing too. I think it would add a LOT to a hand drawn map.

Anne's project questions

  1. I'm making this map to document my favourite independent coffee places where I work when I am writing and editing. 
  2. I'm the "expert" to make this map because it's about my personal experience and taste
  3. My target audience is any freelance worker or even tourist visiting Vancouver
  4. It will be a digital map that may be downloadable therefore needing larger type
  5. Names, addresses, website info, street names will be required; possibly a postcard sized version
  6. I need your help in providing feedback on the various iterations that I will create

A REALLY rough version 1. I want to show the locations but also am deciding how to provide the information like address, social media and website links.

I have been trying out different ways to "mark" the locations. One is hand drawn logos.

I tried a different version by hand - not the logos but the location part of the map. I think I will do the finished version in watercolours. As Anne suggested, I'll scan it and then create a PDF with hyperlinks for the location information/details. That'd be the online version. 

I'm having issues with size - I want the detail large enough to "see" where the location is but also small enough so I can include a hand drawn logo for each. I'll try another with smaller streets/names to provide space for the hand drawn logo. 

How I wish I had that fab architect/draftsperson printing skills!

My imaginary city made with a LOT of help from my 7 year old daughter.


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