James Kelly

Founder & MD The Vagabond Vanguard



The Vagabond Vanguard Tour

www.vagabondvanguard.com is an arts collaboration platform for UK students. Music, Film, Fashion, Art, Photography and relations.

The Vagabond Vanguard logo & mascot is a gorilla. The Gorilla will be travelling around London in spring of 2013 visiting different arts students and uni's to spread word the platform.

This project will document The Vagabond Vanguard Tour with images, video and info from the different places and people visited! www.vagabondvanguard.com members can register and upload their own content as well as other people interested.

Github - https://github.com/TheVV/omrails

Heroku - http://evening-cove-5687.herokuapp.com/

TheVV Gorilla at Uni of the Arts London's Wimbledon college -


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