The Useless & The Used

The Useless & The Used - student project

What up everyone,

My name is Thomas, born and raised in the good ol' Midwest.  I'd like to start out by saying that after peeking through some of these projects, I'm excited to work together with you.  I'm equally excited to see the completion of your projects.  There are obviously some very talented people here (I'm not sure what I got myself into).

I have experience as a graphic designer, production artist, embroidery digitizer, as well as in research and development.  Having spent a lot of time in the apparel industry, in one form or another, I decided I'd like to try this out for myself.  After hearing person after person tell me that I should "design your own tees", I've finally listened.

I've been a fan of t-shirt design for as long as I can remember.  Growing up in the skating and hardcore scenes, I've collected some really great tees throughout the years. Those lifestyles have stuck with me for my entire life and influence everything I do.  I like everything from bold, clean edged designs to the hand done, distressed look.  I just love how a certain T-shirts can make you feel.

Here's a few samples I'd like to finalize...

The Useless & The Used - image 1 - student project

The Useless & The Used - image 2 - student project

The Useless & The Used - image 3 - student project

The hardest part for me is trying to nail down a logo for the brand.  I have millions of sketches on everything you can think of, but everything looks too much like someone else's logo or doesn't have that "yes that's it" feeling.  I don't know if I'm being too critical or what... I guess that's why I took this class.  I can't wait to hear your ideas and opinions.

4/20/2013 - SKETCHES

Broken Board:

The Useless & The Used - image 4 - student project

One color (Red) on Black.  Top to bottom fade for weathered look...

Useless "University":

The Useless & The Used - image 5 - student project

One color, Athletic font.  Would like to use a distress pattern or maybe white discharge ink to get that aged look...