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The Urban Explorers Guild's Kickstarter Campaign

The Urban Explorers Guild Kickstarter Campaign

This will be the cover soon as skillshare let's me change it!

Our Project Blurb
A lovingly-illustrated, free, alternate reality smartphone game that brings San Francisco's forgotten past and hidden present  to life!

About this Project
We are preparing our first kickstarter project and I am excited to be taking this class before we pull the trigger. I am heading our social media and crowdsourcing campaigns, and I have never tried to do anything like this before. 

Right now, we've got our preview page all up and dialed in ( and we're really close to being ready to go. At the heart of our company beats a non-profit spirit, and approaching this through kickstarter will be the beginning of the foundation of our community. I also very much value the community here on skillshare, and look forward to seeing your ideas, recieving your feedback and offering my own to you all.

Links to learn more

* Our website, where you can play test the game and get a feel for what the game is going to be like:

* Our preview kickstarter page:

We're doing this to generate some feedback and life/love for our project, so please feel free to contact either Tiffany (through this class or at [email protected]) or Eric ([email protected]) if you have any thoughts/questions/suggestions/ephemera you'd like to share.

Question of the Moment:* What do you think of our cover image - do you think it would be more powerful if we removed the website words "About" "Game" "Guild" and "FAQ" or does it work better as a graphic description of the actual kickstarter project - which is to build the app?


Updates after Posting
* After receiving feedback, we're going to be redoing our video to highlight the beta test and Eric's passion for creating the game!
* After receiving feedback, we're going to be renaming a lot of our reward levels so that they better reflect the rewards being offered!
* Can't wait till tomorrow when we'll get to hear Stephanie's thoughts on all of our projects. We've really enjoyed all of the feedback we've been given and all the help you've provided - thank you!


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