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The Upstart Creative

This is a brand-new business for me so I am at the very beginning stages of development. I have the domain and a template, and am working on the structure of how it all goes together. This is the draft of my business model:

The Upstart Creative is a place which seeks to educate, to inspire, and to broaden our understanding and appreciation for art in all of its forms. We offer inspirational and educational blog posts as well as online classes in photography and art appreciation. 

Assets I Have: The domain name and template. My ability to teach, my knowledge of photography and the arts, and my desire and ability to learn more as I go along. 

Human Resources: Someone who is willing to help me design the logo and site. Several people who will help and advise me about the curriculum.

Customer Base: My customer base will be homeschoolers, their parents, and other adults who just want to learn. In the photography class, the customer will get a basic knowledge of how their camera works, as well as how to take control of their vision to get the photographs they want. For the art appreciation class, the customer will learn more about visual literacy, how to read different works of art and to gain an understanding of different art forms. 

Difficulties: Reaching and marketing to my target audience.

What Makes It Unique: I haven't really come across a site like this so it seems like the whole model is fairly unique. 

Repeatability: Once I complete the curriculum for each class it will be fairly simple to keep offering them on a regular basis, with minor tweaks as I go along. 


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