The Upside Down Girl

The Upside Down Girl - student project

I loved this class! I rely heavily on outlines and shading, so this was a great experiment in letting go and pushing into new territory to try a new style. I appreciated Charly's initial exercises which helped in character development, but also just in loosening up. I first felt like I was being silly, but when I did it a second time, I felt like I could have developed a million characters from that one pose:

The Upside Down Girl - image 1 - student projectThe Upside Down Girl - image 2 - student project


Mood board of inspiration below. I kept the pink hair, but lost the high bun after the initial exercises got my playful gears churning. Instead I created an Upside Down Girl - because why be right side up when you can float your own way? : )

 The Upside Down Girl - image 3 - student project

Final Artwork:

The Upside Down Girl - image 4 - student project

I wanted her to sway and move so I animated her from another wonderful Skillshare class by Libby Vanderploeg, Animation for Illustration shared on my Instagram, @erinprz:

The Upside Down Girl - image 5 - student project


Thanks Charly for a great class!

Erin Przekop
Picture Book Author & Illustrator