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The Untouchable Gentleman

Our project is to create a brand that reflects our style, vision, and ideas; which will also become universal. In one word the brand is SUPER HERO! When you put your clothes on and you know you look good you are untouchable, like a super hero! I came up with the concept for that reason, I have alway loved clothes and how they made me feel, even as a little kid I could not stand to get my clothes dirty, and looking nice and feeling good just did something to me; I felt like I could do ANYTHING... So I took the idea of the comics, the super hero movies, and created the image 'Frank Attoura,' who is the face of 'The Untouchable Gentelman' and the rest is history! 

We have so many ideas for the line we wanted to first start out with t-shirts, and venture into other things but just have not found that break in moment into the industry and we are hoping to learn everything we can to have the best product possible that people can't deny! 


Line of T-shirts and Hats to start off with, after deliberating the team decided to go with basic colors in the begining of the line.

Colors: White, Blue, Black, Red and Yellow. We dcided to go with these colors because they are clean cut and pretty basic, and we are all about simplicity!

Design: Hats inside front bill (the untouchable gentelman) on the back of the hat the untouchable gentelman logo (small).

We are currently working on other designs and will be posting our overall visuals later 



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