The Universe Is Indifferent

Update 3 - The Video!

Hello, everybody!
Here's my project's final video. :)
Before the link, however, let me consider some points:

  • The original storyboard had to be changed in some moments (as you will see with the word "but", because - and it could join as a tip to the future students, Jake - it's important to think your storyboard having heard several times the sound of your quote. I underherad mine, so after, in the animation, my sotryboard wouldn't work, due to the speed of the first sentence of Don Draper's speech), but I'm happy with the results, nonetheless.
  • One thing I found rewarding was seeing that the early lessons really gives us some kind of self references. To example: In the "position, scale, rotation" lesson, wich results are here below, in update 2, I developed some dynamics that kept up to the very final animation. My rotation presets - GIFfing all the way in update 2 section - were the soul of the big red words animations, and some opacity tweaks I used in the position GIF were very useful and gave to me a nice result withe the word "well". So: Having a good quote is really only the final stage of kinetic type, right Jake? The isolated animations practice is just as important! :) (don't know if I made myself clear on this one)
  • Finally, some 'artistic' consideration: The video is almost entirelly literally synced. It means that every single word Don Draper said is, visually, in the video. BUT I chose, after some experiments, to suppress the word "is", in "is indifferent", the very last sentence. Hope you understand when you see the video. It's very quick and kind of joined with the word "indifferent". So, since I wanted this very dramatic and effective last word, and the "is" couldn't go isolated before (because of the final zoom-in), I just suppressed it, prioritizing the artistic result over the analytical one. Right? Fuck the system - wich, according to Draper, doesn't exist anyway! hahahah :)

Enough (really, really enough) said, let's get to it: THE VIDEO.

Just to add some closure to this: I was really happy to be part of this course and, even already being a motion designer, I learnt a lot from the lessons and I'm sure it'll help me to work - and make my personal projects, too - better.
Jake, keep up the good teaching. Since this is your first class as a teacher, I'm really excited to see the next ones! We'll meet again!!
Cheers! :D


Update 2!

So, following the class course, I did some basic animation with position, scale and rotation.
I used the text animators in all three cases and tried to play with speed and rhytm.
I know that I probably won't use any of these in my final project (due to the playful character of these basic animations - to the final project I'll probably play more with really little position and some opacity, let's see), but it's important to practice, right?
Those animation types such as "square", "triangle" and "ramp up" really change the game in the details of the animation. Tried to use some here.
So, here it goes.
I hope you like it and, if wanted, leave any comments/suggestions.
Se ya!

  • Position

  • Scale

  • Rotation


Update 1

Hi, guys!
(First of all, sorry about some bad english. I'm from Brazil.)

For this project I chose one of the most amazing quotes I've ever heard. A Mad Men quote, said by Don Draper, the brilliant main character. Here it is (and you can watch the scene):

Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is no big lie, there is no system, the universe is indifferent.


So, for the first lesson I tried to select the fonts, divide the sentences and arrange them in a fine visual: Kerning/tracking, sizing, coloring.

Explaining my choices:

  • There are two fonts: Helvetica Neue Bold Italic and Kaushan Script. The first, in black, shows the seriousness and the elegance of the universe pictured in the series. The second, in red, takes us to the advertising world, the big words, the attention, and also the handwritten ads of the 50's and so.
  • White, black and red are the basic colors of Mad Men's opening.

The results of this quick experiment are these:

Hope you like it, and hope it works! Haha :)

I'll update here as soon as I get some progress in the lessons.


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