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The Unbearable Lightness of Being — K

Book Selection


Initial sketches

More sketches

Sketch Choice 1: Emphasis on duality of interpretation and opposing experiences. Half of "K" is outlined for lightness. Half of "K" is shaded to express heaviness. Shading refences Czech flag.

Sketch Choice 2: Serif "K"partially disappearing to express lightness of existence.

I went with the second sketch option. There was an injured crow in the book which seemed like a heavy symbol but an alternative to the bowler hat most often represented.

Digitized sketch 1! I prefer this concept.

Final Art

Made some refinements on the K outline. In the future, I'd like to try a more ornate letter. For this concept, Communism and modernist thinking shaped this letter for me and so a gothic letterform form better served this concept. The Czech flag in the lower half of the letter also doubles to create visual depth and a sense of heaviness. The outlined shape on the top half of the K represents the duality constantly referred to in the book and should bring a sense of lightness. Thank you! This class provided an opportunity for new exploration and it was wonderful getting to see everyone else's work too.


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