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The Ultimate Excel Course

The Ultimate Excel Course takes you from a beginner/intermediate level Excel user to a power user. It consists of 14 classes.

The objective of the series is to cover everything somebody needs to know to be considered an Excel expert. This course goes that extra mile going more in-depth and covers extra topics to your typical business Excel class (I should know, its what I do for a living).

The classes are progressive so skills learnt in earlier classes may be required in later classes.

Class 1 - Excel Formulas Made Easy: Get up to Speed with Excel Formulas Fast

The perfect class for Excel formula beginners and to kick-start the ultimate excel course. Starts with the basics and goes on to discuss 8 different functions, calculating difference between dates, referencing other worksheets and workbooks in formulas and absolute cell referencing.

Class 2 - Essential Skills for Working with Large Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets are normally quite large, but this is what Excel was built for. In this class we sort, filter, split and freeze a large Excel list. We then delve into 5 essential printing techniques.

Class 3 - Logical Functions: The Decision Making Formulas of Excel

These functions are key behind automated and intelligent spreadsheets. This class looks at 3 examples of the IF function. Then takes things further by looking at nested IFs and using the AND and OR functions for multiple conditions.

Class 4 - Conditional Formatting: Make your Data come to Life

Conditional Formatting is awesome. It automatically formats the cells of your worksheet based on criteria. For example, highlight the dates that have passed, targets that have been met or issues in a table. Brilliant to make your reports and dashboards come to life.

Class 5 - Using Lookup Functions: The Powerful VLOOKUP Function and Beyond

Lookup functions are some of the most useful in Excel. You can create dynamic links and relate data across different worksheets with your lookups. This class covers the infamous VLOOKUP, but does not stop there by showing various examples and also discussing the INDEX and MATCH functions.

Class 6 - Validating Data Entry to Ensure Accurate Data

Data is the blood of Excel. Without clean and accurate data our formulas, charts and PivotTables simply would not work. This classes looks at different examples of validating data on entry including creating drop down lists of options.

Class 7 - Protecting and Sharing Excel Files

Protecting your worksheets can prevent or limit honest mistakes that can ruin your reports. We can cover different types of protection for worksheets and workbooks.

Class 8 - Analysing Data with Formulas

Excel has lots of functions for analysing and getting insights into your data. This class looks at SUMIF, COUNTIF and AGGREGATE.

Class 9 - Using Charts to Visualise your Data

Creating charts is an important skills in Excel. We cover creating common chart types, formatting them, discuss common mistakes and show some extra special skills.

Class 10 - Cleaning and Prepping Data

Data that you receive in Excel can be messy and poorly structured. This class covers a number of ways to clean, organise and re-format messy data.

Class 11 - PivotTables: Summarise and Report Data with Ease

PivotTables are a powerful reporting tool in Excel. They allow you to easily summarise and aggregate large lists of data. They are fast, easy, versatile and powerful. This class will have you working with PivotTables with ease in no time.

Class 12 - Formatting a Range as a Table

This class looks at formatting a range of cells as a table of meaningful data. We look at the benefits of doing this and how it changes the way we reference the cells in formulas.

Class 13 - Introducing the Internal Data Model

The internal data model was introduced with Excel 2013 and allows us to easily relate tables from different worksheets. We can then use these related tables in our PivotTables.

Class 14 - Automate Repetitive Tasks with Macros

A macro is a program you can create to improve the speed and accuracy of a common Excel task. This class covers two examples of a macro that can improve our day to day Excel work.


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