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The Ultimate Before + After

Hello!  My name is Lauren and I'm so excited to be taking this course!  I author a blog about my home decor, DIY and other life happenings called Myers Maison (, and taking this course will hopefully help me out with styling my home better and maybe even styling for others.


I must say, I have really enjoyed this course!  Thank you all for your sweet comments and for liking my projects :)

Of all of the spaces that we have worked on, I think that my coffee table was my favorite and most dramatic transformation.  The table is fairly large and all of the wood was intimidating.  Adding that runner really made a difference.  So here it is!


Before and After Photos of My Home //

As you get to know me you will find out that I am an Ikea-holic :)  The majority of our furniture came from Ikea.


Bed- I have major plans for decorating my room, but since I haven't started yet this is how the bed looks :-/  I'm looking forward to finding ways to pretty up the bed in the meantime.



Since I haven't started decorating my room yet (painting, styling, etc.) I just experimented with styling for my side of the bed (nightstand) and added a couple of decorative pillows to the bed.  I plan on doing the full overhaul to my bedroom very soon...probably within the next month.  I'll be covering that process on my blog :)


Bookcase- This was my first take at styling large bookcases but I'm ready to try something different.  Some shelves seem too empty while others seem crowded.



I like how this turned out.  I think I solved the problem of the items on the shelves.  Everything seems to breathe better now.  I especially am happy that we have found a place to display the hand carved chess set that my Grandfather made for my husband.  We also needed more room for shoe storage, so adding that second shelf made a difference.  All of our games (Wii and traditional) are still stored on the bottom right...I like them there because they're not used as often.


Sectional-  My Grandma made some of the pillows, but I am interested in getting larger pillows in brighter colors to give the grey some life.



I didn't need to buy more pillows after all!  I actually found a few pillows that I had around the house.  I also draped a darker grey blanket down the middle for visual interest.


Coffee Table- I love that unfinished wood look, and I especially love the sliding shelf that is attached to the underside of the table.  One challenge that I seem to face with trying to style the table is that my husband doesn't want taller items present because it blocks the view of the TV.  Because of this, I will need to find ways to style mainly horizontal.



I added a runner that I made for my Thanksgiving table, decided to used dried plants (lavender and a little greenery), moved the remoted to the top of the table for convenience and placed them in a decorative container.  The partially eaten grapefruit is to add the human aspect :)  I was also able to solve my problem of designing horizontally.  Though the lavender is tall, from the angle that we sit/lay on the sectional it does not block your view.  There is also plenty of space on the table to place drinks, plates, etc. when we have guests.

Then my husband suggested changing the direction of the runner.  I think I like this better, what about you?


Credenza (AKA Home Bar)- This space always seems to change.  I just can't seem to get it right.  This will definitely be a challenge...



There weren't too many changes to this space actually.  I added artificial branches to a glass bottle which helped balance out the height of the lamp on the right.  I also rearranged some of the drinkware and bar ware.


8 Principals of Interior Styling //


Needs-  This room seems to be a place to relax and enjoy peace and quiet.  The sofa looks cozy and the extra seating at the table can be used for dining or lounging.

Shape- The large mirror on the wall contrasts with the rectangular room divider.  The smaller hanging lights also seem to balance the space out.

Color-  The pops of pink are noticeable especially since the room is darker overall.

Pattern- The rug is made up of multiple squares, but each square seems to have its own pattern.  The rug as a whole works well with this room.

Texture-  There appears to be a textured wallpaper (maybe grasscloth).

Placement-  The grouping of vases on the window ledge helps to continue the motion throughout the room.

Bling- A metallic lamp and the metallic framed image on the left are great elements.

Botanicals- The greenery on the console and on the table.  Oh yeah, and the botanicals outside of the window are always nice :)


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