The UNGRAMMED NYC | Skillshare Projects

Sean McSherry





 The things I felt represented NYC to me were:       

1. Bridges

2. Architecture

3. Rivers/Water

4. Street Art

5. Rooftops

6. Skyline

7. The Underground (Subways)

So I went out and shot about 5gbs of photos and tried to capture these things the best I could and here is the final product.

  The goal of this project was for me to document and share the things that I see in new york that your average tourist doesn't and share some of my favorite views of the city I live in. I want my project to inspire others around to view things differently. I had no prior planning to go out and shoot this until I took the class. I've been avidly shooting the streets of New York for a while now but I felt it would be best to shoot brand new material for the purpose of this project and also to truly capture my intentions as a photographer. I tried to utilize the skills I learned in the video as much as possible while shooting. Shots are taken on my D5100 and processed in Lightroom 5. Tried to stay true to what trash did so theres 7 images total but more will be posted soon on my instagram and tumblr so stay tuned. Enjoy!

for more recent work follow my instagram @ungrammed


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